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a new era for in-house legal

Legal consulting


We help businesses across all industries elevate legal and unlock the power of law done well.
our expertise
a new approach

Lustrum's unique take.

Our approach is different because you're different.  We're led by your organisation, and will always provide bespoke solutions.

We're independent.

We have no ties to any law firms or service providers - we act entirely on what's best for your business and its specific requirements.

We've done the job.

With 40 years in-house experience between us, many spent as General Counsel, we know the job from every level and legal inside out.

We're practical & personal.

We don't get lost in theory, we focus on providing practical solutions, tailored to allow you to take it forward.

three core stages

Our process.

Our approach is different because you're different.  We're led by your organisation, and will always provide bespoke solutions.

step one


We will listen to you and your team’s needs, understand your long term vision and your nearer term priorities.  We will then conduct a qualitative and qualitative diagnostic and provide you with a report summarising our findings.
step two


We will provide you with simple, practical and innovative solutions to help make your department Smarter and Healthier.
step three


We can help you implement any aspect of the Plan.  We are qualified to assist with Project Management, Change Management and help can facilitate team or stakeholder management sessions to make your plan successful.

"Making sure legal is part of the right conversations has never been more important."


Transforming legal.

Welcoming a new
era of in-house legal.

Our main aim with any organisation we work with is to transform the way legal is used. We carry out a thorough review, with practical guidance on how to implement our recommendations. You can choose to carry these out yourselves or we can provide additional support.

Right-size the mix of internal & external services.

We assist in assessing what should be done internally and where to outsource - and help with the legal outsourcing process.

Enhance governance, compliance & legal risk.

Legal risk is often not intelligently identified and wisely assessed, we help you put the right processes in place to ensure it's properly understood and managed.

Maximise the value delivered by legal.

We get legal focused on the activities that will bring the most value to your business. We will show you the power of legal done well.

Streamline process & increase efficiency.

We help you find the right tools and technology to automate routine process and allow more effective use of resources.

Get more from external service providers.

We work on improving relationships with law firms and other service providers to reduce the amount of time, money and energy spent managing them and to increase the value that they bring.

Use information to make an impact company-wide.

We help legal switch their focus to wider company issues - to work on prevention and not just cures.

"Prevention is always better than a cure - legal needs to start looking forward."


Supporting your GC.

Beyond a review of legal and implementation of our recommendations, we can provide General Counsel support on an interim or project basis for the issues most pressing to your organisation. We have set out some examples below and we're happy to discuss your specific requirements.

New business structures.

New initiatives mean new arrangements – contractually and in other ways. These need to be right: both to deliver their commercial benefits and protect against downsides.

Brexit preparation.

With the transition now fully confirmed there is major change ahead and no certainty as to the post 2022 position.

Dispute management.

We anticipate a far more litigious environment and, in general, a larger volume of commercial disputes. Deals and agreements struck in better times will be revisited.

Data risks.

With digital crime accelerating and the increased risks resulting from GDPR - any organisation handling material amounts of personal data should take a look at its policies and procedures.

Covid-19 fall out.

Until the Covid threat recedes, there will be continuing legislation and regulation. Smart compliance will be crucial; both to maintain confidence and to avoid legal or reputational risks.

Supply chain issues.

We expect that a combination of the pandemic and the downturn may result in changes to supply relationships - some may no longer be suitable or need to be revisited.

Additional services.

Governance & compliance checks.

Governance processes and compliance should be under constant review - we can carry out health checks.

Risk process design & implementation.

We will help you design and implement intelligent legal and corporate risk tools. We focus on enabling you to properly understand the priority risks and the related opportunities.

Key projects or transactions.

We can provide GC level support to major projects and transformations, allowing you to concentrate on the day job.

Interim General Counsel.

With significant business challenges ahead, we're able to provide interim General Counsel support to steer your business in the right direction.

case studies

Making a difference.


How we helped global retail chain Starbucks.

Lustrum helped the global retail chain find efficiencies and optimise their transformation strategy.

support services

How we supported a listed utilities provider.

We were fortunate enough to work with a listed utility providing an essential service to a sizeable part of the UK.

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Meet the team.

Between us we have 50+ years experience working in-house across a wide range of companies in different industries, ranging from Starbucks to Thames Water. Now we're on a mission to take the role of the GC to the next stage.

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