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a new era for in-house legal

The Year

of the GC.

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time for change?

Break the silos, plan ahead & go beyond compliance.

The role of the General Counsel is unique and powerful - what other position provides such a broad view across the business and the ability to make such a positive impact.‚Äć

But it's also a role that is regularly undervalued, misunderstood and its effectiveness diluted. With ever more laws and regulation and unprecedented challenges such as Covid-19 and Brexit, the businesses that utilise legal in the best way will not only cope with such risks and pressures, but will excel and gain competitive advantage.


Independent legal consulting
- from leading General Counsel.

We formed Lustrum in Autumn 2020, after a combined total of more than 50+ years working in-house for top brands, ranging from Starbucks, to Thames Water. Having worked in sectors as diverse as utilities and telecoms and then financial services to healthcare technology, we understand the challenges faced by legal and know what it takes to create meaningful change.

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How can we help?

Let's review your in-house function.

We specialise in carrying out in-depth reviews of legal requirements and will assess how you can improve service, reduce costs, and ultimately maximise value.

Implementation of the agreed strategy.

We can go beyond recommendations and help you implement them throughout your business, to align legal strategy with your business wide strategy.

General Counsel support.

With significant legal challenges ahead, we're able to provide General Counsel support to deliver transformational change, key projects or initiatives.

Periodic health

We offer assessments of key areas such as risk process design and governance and compliance. We can provide regular or ad-hoc support.

case studies

Making a difference.


How we helped global retail chain Starbucks.

Lustrum helped the global retail chain find efficiencies and optimise their transformation strategy.

support services

How we supported a listed utilities provider.

We were fortunate enough to work with a listed utility providing an essential service to a sizeable part of the UK.


Six reasons in-house Legal needs to transform.


In-House Legal: the time for change is now.


ESG: Without a G there’s no E... and no S.


Giving you an advantage.

Understand value.

Legal struggles to articulate the value it brings. We offer tools to empower your team with data - and show them how to use it to make a bigger impact.

Prioritise correctly.

We work with businesses to improve internal communications and ensure legal has a defined purpose, in-line with business priorities.

Save time & money.

We help you automate routine - low impact work, so legal can focus on work that really adds value to your organisation.

Horizon scanning.

We will get your organisation to a position where legal are no longer just reactive and are looking more intelligently at the risks, therefore taking advantage of business opportunities.


Go beyond compliance.

We help legal work with the business to make smarter compliance decisions, using personal development of your team and education and training for your colleagues.

Make better decisions.

Too often GCs are only used in a limited way in business decision making. We work with teams to ensure legal is part of the right conversations.

Start your own journey with us today.